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6.310% APR
VA 30 Year Fixed


6.743% APR
 Conv 30 Year Fixed 

Rates are published each morning and subject to change without notice based on market conditions - Rates vary from state to state.. VA Rate/APR based on first time use of VA benefit.  740 credit score assumed on a $650,000 loan amount for a TX property paying 1 discount point.  The Conventional loan rate assumes a 20% down payment

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Community Service in Support of our Military

Merchants Home Lending was a proud sponsor of the 2023 San Diego Veterans Tennis Classic.  This event featured the US Naval Academy Men's and Women's Tennis programs.  It also included clinics for the local San Diego Wounded Warriors Tennis Program and the children of local military families.

For the third summer in a row, Merchants proudly sponsored the children of military families for Tennis Camp Scholoarships through Youth Tennis San Diego.  For 2023, we assisted 26 military families.
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Helping Veterans Build Wealth through Homeownership

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VA Purchase

Zero down home loans up to $4,000,000 with no mortgage insurance.

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VA Cashout Refi

Utilize up to 100% of your home equity to invest, improve your home or pay off high interest debt

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VA Multi-Family

Use your VA Benefit to Purchase a Multi-Family property using future rents to qualify. No landlord experience necessary.

Non-Contingent offers

WIth housing inventory at all time lows, it is harder than ever to buy a home.  One way to get an offer accepted is to make an offer with no contingencies.  Here are a few questions and answers regarding this type of offer.

Q. Can I write a non-contingent offer if I am using mortgage financing?
A. Yes, if you are able to make up the difference between the appraised value and the contract sales price in the event that the home appraises low.

Q. Can I write a non-contingent offer using VA financing?  
A. Yes, the same answer would apply - if you have the funds to make up the difference between between the sale contract price and a low appraisal, you can safely write a VA offer with no contingencies

Q.  Is there any risk if I write a non-contingent offer?
A.  There could be risk if your loan is not fully approved before you make your offer.  Our Single Point of Contact Loan Officer's are trained to have your file fully underwritten before advising you to make a non-contingent offer.

You should always make sure that your Realtor and your Loan Officer are on the same page before submitting a non-contingent offer.

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Loan approval in as little as 2 hours

Your best decison was to become a homeowner.  Your second best decision was arriving here.  Buyers who use Merchants for their financing have an 83% better chance of getting their offer accepted in this historically tight market.

Use your VA Benefit for These Opportunities

Purchase a 4 Plex

The VA will allow you to purchase a 4 unit property with zero down as long as you will live in 1 of the units. You can even use the rents from the other 3 units to qualify for the mortgage.

Reduced Property Tax Rates

If you are a 100% disabled veteran, your property taxes will be reduced after you take ownership of the home.

Cal Vet

Calvet will allow 100% financing for veterans who were on active duty for only 90 days.

VA Benefits

You've earned the VA Benefit, see how to create generational wealth.

VA Renovation Loan

Using your zero down VA, you can receive up to $31,000 over the sales price to make home improvements.

Multiple VA Loans

The VA will allow you to have multiple VA loans at the same time.

Buy a Condo that is not VA approved

We have the resources to get any VA condo approved by the VA in as little as 14 days. This allows you to make an aggressive offer on a condo not currently approved by the VA.

Make an offer with no contingencies

There are certain scenarios where you can make an offer with no appraisal or loan contingencies using VA financing. Click to schedule an appt for more details.

Utilize a co-borrower who is not a veteran

If you have the ability to put down 12.5% on a purchase, you can use a co-borrower who is not a veteran to help qualify for the loan.

Purchase months in advance of your PCS date

If you can qualify for the new mortgage and your current housing payment, we can close your VA loan 6 months before your PCS date.

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